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Poultry Houses


Novasteel has developed a strong reputation in the Poultry Industry for the design and construction of performance Breeder and Broiler Houses. The Novasteel building is a proven performer over time in terms of meat production, feed conversion ratios and durability.

  • Building designs and operational technologies have developed significantly in recent years alongside strict biosecurity controls. Novasteel maintains an innovative, design led focus incorporating modern materials and design practices to ensure that practical and cost effective buildings are developed.
  • Novasteel offers a complete design and build service including applications for Land Use Consents, Resource Consents, Earthworks consents, and Building Consents.
  • Whilst traditionally Novasteel has provided the building shell to the grower, we are able to coordinate and supply a turn key package with many different levels of material and equipment specification.
  • Novasteel enjoys solid relationships with many of the key equipment suppliers and so all options can be considered.

Novasteel Approach to Projects

Novasteel is very focused on a partnership approach to business and this can be very beneficial within the poultry industry.

Aside from the obvious price competitiveness requirements, the design and construction of poultry complexes involves far more than building sheds. The project planning, consultation and construction programming are equally as important, and a sound relationship between all parties is essential to ensure the success of the individual projects.

Novasteel would like to take the opportunity to discuss shed specific requirements and design preferences before confirming a final construction price. Once these details have been agreed upon we can approach our suppliers and with the benefit of bulk purchasing power ensure that any savings are reflected in the shed price.